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"   I’m not making or releasing music with the label I founded to satisfy expectations or play into ideas of hype, I am doing it for people who are mentally ill, who are queer, who are who are young and living in an awful small town and need a connection with music, for disenfranchised and marginalized people who have been in similar situations to me where music was able to help me though it and ultimately inspire me to start something like Foxes in Fiction or Orchid Tapes. If one person at an institution-as-website doesn’t get that, that’s fine.   "
warren reminds us of his intentions and inspirations for foxes in fiction & orchid tapes, reaffirms all of my love for his music & label. 

i’m just disappointed because there are a lot of writers & editors out there who understand the beauty of this music & it would be great for those voices to be given such a massive platform instead. if contextualized correctly and listened to deeply, this is the sort of project that can really impact someone hugely. what a waste of space to publish something that so visibly “misses the point.”  (via lizpelly)

Thanks for this, Liz.

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like oh you wanted to go to homecoming and football games and prom? i hope you don’t have a problem going by yourself you fucking loser because no one likes you

i knew being alone senior year was gonna be tough, but i didn’t realize it was gonna make me feel excluded from every single school event


From Here To There: A growing map of Manhattan made only of directions from strangers on scraps. 

my goal this year is to be the most apathetic person in my choir class


i was wearing leggings & an elvis depressedly tshirt today & a boy told me that i looked nice & i’m currently crying